Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Being forced to eat.

Hi Pals,

I think lots of you have heard about me not willing to eat my foodie on my own. Jie jie got to blend all my food into puree and forced them into my mouth. I always look very messy after every feeding session. Here are some pictures of me after I had my breakie today.

Can you tell that I have just finished my breakie?

Take a closer look.

Jie jie blame me for the mess on the floor.

but it's really not my fault as I have already told her that I am not interested in the food but she kept forcing them into my mouth.

Sigh... hoomans...

I have lost almost 20% of my weight (From 4.65kg to 3.9kg). I haven't been able to gain it back yet. Jie jie is working hard to make sure that I don't lose any more weight. She asked daddy to cook lots of yummy stuff that I like,such as, roast chicken, chicken wings, mutton and duck. I will only eat all these when they are Freshly from the oven. I will even go grab a few of the kitty kibbles that the stray feeder have left out for the stray kitties. I didn't get to eat much of those thou cos jie jie always stop me.

Jie jie don't know if I was really ill or is it that I am being extra fussy with food and of course I refused to tell. I heard her talking about bringing me to a new vet to get my blood stolen. I hope that will not happen. Wish me luck!